We have six fantastic high-intensity transformations, plus a custom programme available for the most ambitious people who want to achieve goals at the full potential.

Each programme includes:

• A comprehensive kickoff, to get you into great momentum as fast as possible

• Your own personal senior coach, dedicated to you for the entire programme.

• A written custom action plan, for all the days between sessions, so you have a clear guide.

• And much more as will be discussed with your life coach!

which programme is best for me?

kickass career elevanation

Kickass+ Career

Imagine you’re in the career of your dreams. You have finally aligned your talents, your capabilities, and what the world needs!


success after uni elevanation

Success+ After Uni

Life after graduation is not only fun! It’s also complicated, overwhelming, and confusing. Here is your chance to finally get clarity and focus.


life accelerator elevanation

Life+ Accelerator

At any moment in life you might get stuck. Here is your chance to re-engage and re-energise.  Finally get your momentum again!


mid life crisis solution elevanation

The 30s Crisis

A life crisis can come at any age, yet your thirties life crisis deserves special attention. Your senior coach has been there before, and knows how to get you back on track.


rock solid confidence elevanation

Solid Confidence

Your confidence is key for your success. It is the most powerful influence for your long-term happiness. Now you will be more engaged in your life than ever!


new you elevanation

The New You!

Maybe you tried before to make a change in your life. And you haven’t had all the success you want just yet. What’s missing? Finally you will be the person you want to be!


executive custom coaching

Executive Custom Coaching & Mentorship

You have unique talents and a particular situation that no one else has. For the extra depth and intensity you need right now, your master mentor is here for you all the way.