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& My Journey From Chaos to Success

Hey! I’m Christian Pyrros

And I’m the Senior Coach here at elevanation. Over the course of my 50+ years on this earth and my decades of professional coaching and mentorship, I’ve learned that the journey to success is never a smooth one.

It’s rough. It’s dirty. And if you have enough grit, perseverance, and outright luck, you can achieve it on your own. But the hard truth is, most people don’t.

I know I didn’t. But it was the help of a mentor that lifted me from the chaos of my life and showed me the path to success.

It was the help of that mentor that inspired me to start my own coaching service, elevanation, more than 20 years ago. We’ve since expanded to include 7 different programs.

But it was the help of that mentor that led to the fundamental understanding that’s at the core of each of our programs…

Everyone has enormous potential locked inside of them. They just need the right guidance to unleash that potential and start forging their path towards success.

Lessons Learned: Success Is Built on Chaos

Okay, okay. So we’ve all heard the stories about that perfect person, right? The one who lands that perfect job, raises that perfect family, and is always perfectly happy—seemingly without ever stressing, restrategizing, or even lifting a single finger.

But I’m here to tell you that those stories are just that… stories.

Because in reality, success takes work. Success takes planning. Success takes dedication. And more often than not, success is built on chaos.

It just takes a strategic hand to show you how to come out of your chaos and shift your trajectory towards success.

Trust me, I’ve experienced that journey firsthand.

The Unproductive Spiral of My Early Years

At 50 years old today, I can look back on my younger days and see what led to my personal chaos so clearly.

In high school and college, I mainly kept to myself. It was me, my books, my hobbies, and my own thoughts. I had acquaintances, sure. But no one I could truly and unabashedly pour my heart out to.

My rigorous studies helped me build a pretty impressive resume and landed me a series of fantastic jobs. And for a while, I would thrive. But before long, I would end up flaking out for one reason or another.

Of course, it’s clear to me now that the core cause of my inconsistency was a lack of a social foundation—I had no one to keep me honest, to give me advice, and to cheer me on. So, I’d flounder. And eventually, I’d be fired.

And don’t get me started on relationships and dating… a series of disasters that ended up with me getting hurt, a broken heart for someone else, or both.

So there I was: jobless, friendless, and directionless. I felt, in a very real sense, hopeless.

The Key to Breaking Through

I didn’t know it back then but what I needed was clear… I needed:

Proven Guidance

Unwavering Support

Brutal Honesty

To-the-End Friendship

And I needed it all from someone who could give me an unbiased, experience-based perspective that didn’t pull any punches.

It was clear that I needed a coach.

Don’t Get Me Wrong: I Was Getting Advice

And truthfully, it was coming from a lot of incredibly smart people—professors, therapists, successful executives.

But no matter what kind of advice I was given, nothing seemed to really work for me. In fact, it was quite the opposite. My problems would often get worse as a result of following their advice.

The problem was, as I would later learn, the advice I was given wasn’t catered to me. It didn’t address my unique problems, my unique strengths, and my unique weaknesses.

And so, this advice from these massively successful people ended up being as useful as the words found in a fortune cookie.

How Coaching Turned It All Around

Then, at my lowest, I happened to start working with a professional life coach and mentor.

At first, the process was… strange. All this self-examination, assessing what I truly wanted out of life, and all of the focus being on me was a little hard to get used.

But within the first week or so, it became a transformational experience. Having someone who was truly, unabashedly on my side was an enormous departure from what I’d gone through the rest of my life.

Together, we were able to pinpoint my internal obstacles that were holding me back from the success I’d always wanted. And from there, we could come up with what I needed to do, step-by-step, to pull myself out of chaos and forge towards success.

He was also honest. He never held back when he thought I was making a mistake. And he didn’t tell me things I just wanted to hear. He saw right through my lame excuses and called them out for what they were.

But above all else, he was able to diagnose my unique problems, and help come up with the right solution for me.

My Wish for You

And that is my true wish for you, for every young person and every adult on this planet: to have a fantastic connection with the right coach or mentor who is amazing for you.

A coach who supports you along your journey, so that you can weather any storm, so that you can achieve any dream, and so that you can live your best life as your true you, full of happiness, grace, and joy.

And that’s exactly what we do here at elevanation.

So if you want to start living better, click below to schedule your free action call today.

Wishing you all the best,

Christian Pyrros Senior Coach elevanation.com