Make your career

as unique as your personality

Make your career
as unique as your personality

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Colleagues co-working together in a meeting room
Colleagues co-working together in a meeting room
Colleagues co-working together in a meeting room

Meet Your Success Mentor

I’m Christian Pyrros, the Senior Mentor here at elevanation. What I’ve learned is that the journey to success is never a smooth one. And I struggled with many areas of my life until I discovered mentoring.

Having mentoring lifted me from my previous chaos. It enabled to me to achieve my career and life objectives. Mentoring worked for me for the same reason it will work for you: most of us were never taught how to access and apply our innate potential. And each of us need wise guidance to access that inner strength. So today, I help people just like you to make big achievements in your life and career.

With the right guidance, you too can accomplish this. That’s why I’m here: To help you define and achieve your brilliant career and bright future.

Unlock the Key to Career Success

The key to career success is inside you. Ready to reach new career heights? Click below to unlock the key.

Custom Coaching Sessions

When it comes to elevating your life, cookie-cutter programs just don’t work. I work to understand your precise situation so I can show you how to solve it quickly and effectively.

Detailed Action Plans

Each and every single one of my clients gets a detailed action plan so they know exactly what to do each day to push the needle in their life. No guesswork. And no more wasted time.

1-on-1 Experienced Mentoring

Group coaching doesn’t provide the individualized attention needed to solve your unique problems. That’s why I work with clients 1-on-1 to provide valuable career and life guidance.

Mental & Communication Training

To take your life to the next level, you need to change. Over the course of our coaching, I’ll teach you proven skills and strategies to improve both your mental and social abilities.

A Lack of Clarity = A Lack of Success

When you know your true indelible makeup your career choices crystalize, allowing you to select opportunities that best fit your personal sustainable work patterns.

Just because you could work in a job, doesn’t mean you will succeed or even be comfortable on a daily basis. Knowing and understanding your personality helps you make valuable long-term choices, eliminating guesswork and settling for work you could do but that doesn’t really fit.

elevanation personal mentoring gives you tools and actions to make you more self-aware. Action steps help you go from concept to inernalizing knowledge. That self-knowledge clarifies what real life decisions work best for you.

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