How to Stop Being Shy and Boring

1. Hang out with friends
2. Play a team sport
3. Live and work in a social environment
4. One habit at a time
5. Let us know how you are doing

Are you still shy as an adult? Feeling shy to talk to others, and you want to learn how to be more extroverted?

We are aware of how life can be a mess when you have no clue about how to stop being shy as an adult. But the truth is, you’re not shy! You just haven’t learned the TRUTH about extroversion yet!

Being social is a skill that you learn like anything else. Sounds tough? It’s going to be super easy with our hacks! And you’ll learn social skills that will help you to be more extroverted.

All you need is to invest some time and effort. Are you ready to handle it instead of living with the problem of shyness? Let’s go!

1. Hang out with outgoing friends

Hanging out is the key point to build social skills in your twenties or thirties. Look around your circle of friends and colleagues to see who are the most confident, outgoing people that you can hang out with.

Once you surround yourself with more sociable people, you’ll be affected by them and see how easy and fun being social is. So, if you don’t have many outgoing friends for now, which is totally fine, just reach out & connect with people. In a bit of time, you will find some great people.

When you find a person you have a good feeling about, get in a one-on-one conversation with them. Share with them, “Hey, I really like how social you are, and I’d love to improve my social skills. Could you help me out?”

Many outgoing people are happy to help you & hang out with you to support your social skills. Keep gaining new experiences so you learn how to stop being shy.

Going out, having fun, making friends… sounds exciting already, doesn’t it?

2. Play a for-fun team sport

No matter what kind of sport you’re going to play, the main point is to come together with people for the same purpose as a team. Now if you’re saying “I hate sports!”, this is a part of the problem! You need to get out of your comfort zone and grow up a little.

Yes, the first steps can be a bit challenging but a rainbow appears only after the rain. You’re only uncomfortable for reasons which no longer exist. Find the new reality!

With just a bit of effort, you’ll find a team of people who are fun, outgoing, and you’ll enjoy playing a sport just for fun with other adults. Stop being shy, start playing sports! Catch the ball now!

Keep trying different teams until you find one which works for you. It’s OK to feel a little uncomfortable at first. After being with the team for a few weeks you will feel much better and be having fun!

3. Live and work in a great social environment

Living or working with fun people really improves social skills when you allow it. Because even small short social interactions every day in the kitchen, office, or living room have a massive effect on our nervous system. It calms you down and brings you out of your shell.

You’ll become more confident, relaxed, and more social day by day, week by week. Change your environment to be with the kind of people that you want to become. Remember, we are human, and humans are super social creatures!

Be sure to practice active engagement with your flatmates or colleagues. When someone says hello, engage with them for at least a few seconds. Observe interactions of the other people and see what you can learn and emulate.

4. Focus on adding one habit at a time: 30 days

Your personality isn’t just a setting, it’s a day-to-day habit routine. Doing the same thing for 30 days will be permanently stored in your habit setting and nervous system.

Taking small and manageable steps every day to build new social habits increases your motivation and gives you the impulse you need to keep going.

We all need a break as well sometimes, but it has to be fun and sweet enough to distract us from our other responsibilities. This should be something you can look forward to doing every day. Limit the time for breaks and make sure they are having a healthy impact on you.

Find and maintain a good social habit that takes only five minutes or ten minutes each day. There is an almost endless list of possibilities for this purpose. Remember! Most other things in life can wait five minutes, so stay focused, take action, and enjoy the victory.

This victory will make you more confident to achieve other things and figure out how to stop being shy!

5. Let us know how you are doing

Now it’s time to take action and practice the above steps!
Drop us your questions or comments and let us know how you’re doing. See you soon!

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