Success+ after uni

Life after graduation is not only fun! It’s also complicated, overwhelming, and confusing. Here is your chance to finally get clarity and focus, so you can minimise the risk of big mistakes in your 20s.

When you minimise your risks, you maximise your enjoyment and success! And as you already know from university, it’s much easier to take charge of things proactively, rather than waiting until the last minute. If you have a procrastination problem, we will solve that here as well!

By completing this programme you will finally know exactly who you are, what you should be doing, and have clear direction. Thus you can utilize your full potential while also building your fantastic future and achieving your goals.

What results can i expect?

Feeling great about who you are and where you are going in life.

Seeing a clear action plan for your present activities, as well as the next 1 – 2 years.

Knowing you are absolutely clear about what you want.

Mastery of several real-time tools you will keep using every day to stay on track.

As much as possible joy and fulfilment with your friends, dating, and work.

What is included?

Your Success+ After Uni coaching & mentorship includes:

A comprehensive kickoff, to get you into great momentum as fast as possible!

Your own personal senior coach, dedicated to you for the entire programme.

A written custom action plan, for all the days between sessions, so you have a clear guide.

And much more as will be discussed with your coach!

How does it work?

Career professional on a video call

All your sessions are one-on-one with a senior coach, who you have already met and had a free intro coaching session with your senior coach. Some programmes include a monthly group session as well. You will have just the right amount of conversation, so you can also have most of your time in action.

professionals shaking hands

Your coach is then dedicated to you for the entire programme!

writing down ideas

Before your 2nd session, you will have a comprehensive kickoff homework, where you will take some online tests and answer a few questions. This helps your coach to get to know you super fast, and saves weeks of time.

To Do list

After each session you will have a custom written action plan, of things you agree to be doing every day, until the next session. This is where the fun and action of your transformation begins!

running athelete

Between sessions you are taking action as planned, and also attending group coaching calls to stay on-track.


The Success+ After Uni programme runs for 12 weeks, to fully implement your full transformation.

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