Kickass+ Career!

Imagine you’re in the career of your dreams. You have finally aligned your talents, your capabilities, and what the world needs! So you are doing something which gives you work fulfilment as well as long-term balance. And you have a clear plan for now and the future. In this way you are working at your full potential.

What results can i expect?

A clear action plan for your present work, as well as the next 2 years of your career progress.

The feeling of being absolutely clear about your professional life.

Mastery of several real-time tools you will keep using every day to stay on track.

Joy and fulfilment in your career path!

How does it work?

Career professional on a video call

We will set you up for a free intro coaching session with your senior coach, to see what the potential is, and to ensure that you are both happy to work together. 

professionals shaking hands

Your coach is then dedicated to you for the entire programme!

writing down ideas

Before your next session, you will have a comprehensive kickoff homework, where you will take some online tests and answer some questions. This helps your coach to get to know you super fast, and saves weeks of time.

To Do list

After each session you will have a custom written action plan, of things you agree to be doing every day, until the next session. This is where the fun and action of your transformation begins!

running athelete

Between sessions you are taking action as planned, and also attending group coaching calls to stay on-track.


The Kickass+ Career programme runs for 12 weeks, to fully implement your full transformation.